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First of all, as an owner of a vehicle, we should take the vehicle security very seriously. Secondly, due to the rise in vehicle theft across the UK, it is even more important that our vehicles are secure all the time. Due to these figures being on increasing year by year, we have gone in partnership with car security alarm makers. Car alarms are built with the latest anti-theft technology. Built around new generation smart vehicle security and monitoring system. Car alarm system is by far the most reliable, secure, and technologically advanced telematics vehicle security solutions in the market.

Secure Your Vehicle With Car Alarm From CAT-1 Manchester

Are you looking to protect your car, van, or motorcycle in a smarter way? If the answer is yes then you need a modern and reliable security system. Car security alarm system has been built with modern vehicle security technologies. Car alarm installation has seamless integration with the vehicle’s original protocols. This is, therefore, a vehicle security system that offers all the benefits of the latest advanced car telematic solutions, whilst being exceptionally simple and easy to use.

Secure your vehicle with a car alarm from CAT-1

Our car security products can certainly impress even the most demanding vehicle owners. With their premium quality, user-friendliness, smart features, and, best of all, – our Car Alarms are affordably-priced vehicle alarm system out there.

CAT1 Car Alarm System offer analogue and CANBUS based vehicle security solutions for cars, vans, motorcycles and other forms of transport, amongst which are:

  • OEM upgrade car alarm systems
  • Remote-controlled 2-way car alarm systems
  • Smartphone controlled car alarm systems
  • Car alarm systems with remote engine start (autostart)
  • Analogue (2,4GHz) vehicle immobiliser systems
  • Digital vehicle immobiliser systems with ‘invisible’ engine blocking
  • GSM, GPRS, GPS, GLONASS car alarm systems
  • Free advanced car telematics and satellite services
  • Free vehicle tracking and monitoring online in real-time

These features certainly make CAT1 car alarm system one of the best car alarm systems out there.



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Not sure about the type of vehicle alarm or security you need?

However, the solution is easy. Call us or just drive into our showroom. One of our vehicle security experts will explain and demonstrate how the vehicle alarm system work. They will then recommend the best system for your car or van.

Do you own a vehicle? If the answer is yes, then it is important that you know this.

Manual or electronic anti-theft system cannot protect your car from theft. Modern theories can either compromise or removed/disconnect any car alarm system – given that the thieve has sufficient time on their hands. What this means, is that having a vehicle anti-theft system installed does not mean that your vehicle is 100% safe. Don’t believe any salesperson who claims otherwise.

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