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Give your car a fresh look with car wrapping service from CAT1 Vehicle Wrapping Centre in Manchester. Your car will not only look modern but rather it will look unique as every car wrapping is bespoke at our car wrapping centre in Manchester.

Innovative Car Wrapping Manchester

Firstly, CAT1 Car Wrapping Centre, we have a huge selection of world’s finest vinyl. Also from regular coloured vinyl to bespoke colours, we can apply any coloured wrap to your car.

First of all, our high-end wrapping ensures that the vehicle looks and appears the same from all angles. Furthermore, with its innovative styling and application techniques, your car’s paint will be preserved. Therefore, keeping your car’s value higher than the similar models in the market.

Best Car Wrapping Manchester

Here at CAT1, we are proud to be one of the most popular car wrapping centres in Manchester. And if you are buying a second-hand wrapped car in Manchester, then the chances are that the car was wrapped by us.



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Vehicle Wrapping FAQ

What is Car Wrap?

A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or you can have just a colour change. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of the wrap allows you to change the appearance of the vehicle in a very short period of time and in turn, allows you to remove the wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition if necessary.

What is involved in vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wraps, including bus wraps and fleet wraps, are comprised of three phases. The first is the design phase which includes getting accurate measurements for the vehicle and actual design of the graphics to be applied. The second is the production phase where the graphic is printed and then laminated to protect the vinyl from abrasions and UV rays that can cause graphics to fade over time. The third phase is an installation where the vinyl is actually applied to your vehicle. In some cases, there may even be a fourth phase, the removal of graphics if requested.

What is the difference between partial & full vehicle wrap?

Anything less than a full wrap is normally called a “partial wrap”. A half partial wrap normally includes the entire rear of the vehicle and halfway up the vehicle and includes a hood logo. A three-quarters partial wrap normally includes the entire rear of the vehicle and most of the way up the vehicle and includes a hood logo. Typically, a full wrap includes the entire surface of the vehicle. -No roof, roof wrapping is additional.

How long does the vehicle wrap last?

Normally, you can leave a wrap on between one to five years.

Will wrapping damage my vehicle?

Applying specialist vehicle wrapping film to your vehicle will not damage your paintwork. However, If you already have stone chips, abrasions or rust patches on your paintwork it’s important to remember that when the vinyl is removed it may pull loose paint off with it. But did you know? The film actually shields the paint against chips, abrasions and weathering to preserve your cars future value.

Who do I need to advise about my vehicle wrap?

Your Insurance Company, it is important that you advise your insurance company that you have had your vehicle part/fully wrapped. This way should you be in the unfortunate position of having an accident or need to claim on your insurance company then they are aware of the costs and materials that will need to be replaced.

DVLA, The DVLA should only be contacted should the car be a permanent colour change. As vehicle wraps are temporary there is no need to advise them of your wrap.

Police, As part of the police’s vehicle database, your car registration is linked to the make, model and colour of your vehicle. If the police do a registration number check they may stop you and ask questions regarding the colour. It is very easy to demonstrate that the vinyl is temporary and not the true colour.

Do I have to wash my car before getting it wrapped?

Yes. All vehicles have to be free of dust, mud, wax, oil, armour-all type products, and other agents that may prevent the vinyl from adhering to the vehicle surface during the installation process.

How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

In general, we can wrap a full vehicle in 3-4 days. It takes half a day just to strip down and decontaminate the vehicle. 2 to 3 days installation and half day re-fitting vehicle and applying detailed wrap sealent.

If my car’s vinyl wrap is damaged, can it be fixed?

Yes. You can normally have the damaged pieces or panels of your vehicle wrap replaced after your vehicle is repaired. Even more, you do not need to redo the entire wrap if the damage is limited to certain areas of the vehicle.

Can I wrap my lease car?

You must always obtain permission to wrap a leased or rented vehicle. However, in general, most leased or rented vehicles have factory paint jobs with excellent paint quality. Vinyl applied over factory paint is best because vinyl can be removed easier without damage or “paint peel.” Leased vehicles are often wrapped throughout the country without incident or damage.

How can I justify the cost of wrapping m vehicle?

If you are using your vehicle wrap as signage, there is no more cost-effective advertising method available. It has been proven that the cost per impression (CPI) of vehicles wraps is less than other forms of advertising such as billboards, television, radio, and yellow pages. If you are using your vehicle wrap to improve the appearance of your vehicle, digitally printed vehicle wraps simply cannot be duplicated by more traditional methods like paint or airbrushing.

Can you easily remove vinyl or full-colour change wraps?

Yes, because we use the highest quality wraps and techniques our wraps can be removed without leaving any damage. The vehicle will require a polish and wax done to the original paintwork.

Is it normal to have some wrinkles or bubbles over time?

Yes, on a full wrap it is normal to have an occasional wrinkle or bubble. There are many techniques to reduce imperfections when wrapping, but even the best vinyl-wrappers can’t eliminate all wrinkles on severely concave or rounded surfaces. Normally on flat surfaces, there should not be any wrinkles or bubbles.

What is the warranty on your vehicle wrapping?

We will replace any panels that are defective at no charge for up to 4 years. If you get into an accident etc. we can replace any panels, but you or your insurance company will have to pay for it. Finally, we cannot warranty wraps on small curved channels, wraps on plastic, silicone, rubber areas or on chrome as the material are not meant for these surfaces. Most noteworthy, we stand behind all of our work so if there are any issues we will give you our full attention.

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