Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracking System

Whether it is your work vehicle or your personal car adding an insurance approved vehicle tracking system will not only protect your vehicle rather it will protect your investment. In an era where crimes are going up especially crimes related to cars and vans.

Benefits of Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracking

From the basic function of knowing the location of the vehicle to advance functions like tracking performance, maintenance and fuel management, our tracking system can do all these for you. As well as the above benefits the S5VTS also sends alerts and notifications to prevent the theft and abuse of use.

Why Choose S5VTS?

Vodafone S5VTS is an advanced vehicle tracking system. It is one of the latest tracking systems which has been approved by major insurance companies. If for some unwanted reasons your vehicle is being driven without the ADR tag present in the car S5VTS will send a signal to Vodafone Automative’s Secure Operating Centre. Due to its unique in design and technology, it cannot be cloned, thus giving you extra peace of mind.



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Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracking System S5VTS Features

  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)
    ADR will alert tracker control centre upon the unauthorised movement of your vehicle even if the driver has access to your key.
  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking
    Accurate to within 10 metres.
  • European Coverage as Standard
    Local language Police liaison and recovery across 52 European countries.
  • Insurance Approved
    Approved by major insurers.
  • Tow-Away Alert
    The tracker will send the alert to the control centre, If your vehicle moves without ignition being on.
  • Theft History
    In the event of a theft, our minute by minute theft tracking helps the Police secure convictions.
  • International GSM Coverage
    Roaming SIM card gives coverage across more than 180 countries.
  • Tamper Alert
    In case of someone trying to disconnect the battery or tamper with the wiring, S5VTS will send an alert to the control centre.
  • System Health Check
    Regular automatic self-diagnostic check.
  • Special Modes
    Activate Garage Mode or Transport Mode at the click of a button.

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