Vehicle Window Tinting Manchester

Are you looking for vehicle window tinting service in Manchester? We will provide a professional car windows tinting service and installation of the highest quality. Whether you are looking to tint your car windows for privacy, security, heat and glare reduction or just to improve your vehicle’s looks, CAT-1 Window Tinting Service in Manchester is the best choice.

CAT-1 Tint Technology specialising in Automotive Window Tinting, our business has been built on our commitment to quality, along with superb value for money.

Our tinting quality is virtually indistinguishable from factory privacy glass. It is because of this that we carry out window tinting on all major car makers.

We are so sure that our workmanship and window films will meet your expectations, that we offer a lifetime purchase guarantee to cover both for as long as you own your vehicle.

Car Window Tinting Manchester

Window tinting is a great way to enhance the looks of your car. Hence, it is an excellent way to achieve more privacy and reduce heat and glare. Therefore, tinted windows can provide protection for young children and dogs from the sun on long journeys.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in working with all makes of vehicle. The tint films that we use are of the highest quality and are completely colour stable. As well as rejecting 99% of harmful UV rays, they also come in a wide range of shades and colours. For 100% UV protection.

Car Windows Tinting Benefits

  • Provides comfort as well as privacy for you and your passengers.
  • Enhances the looks of your vehicle.
  • Significantly reduces glare and heat.
  • Increases security and protection.
  • Windows tinting protects you as well as vehicles’ interior from harmful UV rays.



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Why use CAT1 Car Windows Tinting Manchester?

  • Free consultation and advice for your individual requirements.
  • Specialised professional technicians.
  • Lifetime guarantee with every installation.
  • Highest quality, scratch resistant films, in a wide range of colours and shades.

Car Windows Tinting Information

Clear Security Film

A unique triple laminated polyester film, which is applied to the inside of vehicle side windows to form a remarkably tough shield.

New Ultra Performance Film

70%: a very light coloured film which cuts out 40% of solar energy.

Light Smoke

50%. Available in security film

Medium Smoke

35%. Available in security film

Dark Smoke

23%. Available in security film


5%. Our darkest tint Sun strips can be applied to the front windscreen, invaluable in the winter months when the Sun is at its’ lowest.

Security Film Technology

CAT-1 Tint Technology uses a unique product called Secure-film. Because of its uniqueness, it provides excellent security and protection for our customers’ and their vehicles. Secure-film is a clear, triple laminated security film which is applied to the inside of vehicles’ windows, to form a remarkably tough shield. This product is available in clear or in a range of tinted shades.

Security-film benefits

  • Shattered glass held in place
  • Side impact protection from flying glass
  • Anti-car jack
  • Resistant to smash and grab thefts
  • Safe escape from inside. Shattered windows can be easily pushed out from inside.

The Law About Tinting Your Car Windows

UK Law states front driver and passenger windows must allow 70% of light through. This means that for most vehicles on the road only a clear security film or UV blocker can be applied. If the glass is clear and doesn’t have manufacturers tint, then a 70% film may be applied.

Due to the law and front windscreen may only be allowed to have sun strips across the top. However, the back windows can be tinted to any shade. You can certainly find the latest information about the windows tinting law on the VOSA website.

Car Windows Tinting Does Improve Vehicle Security

With our security film, a thief may be able to crack the glass after prolonged effort – but the laminate film holds the broken glass together, making entry much more difficult and time-consuming.

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